Physical education is one the important educational policies in THU. According to University Law, students enrolled after 1996 take PE course as freshman and sophomore require course and selected course for juniors and seniors.
Freshmen and sophomores are allowed to register for PE courses according to their interests. Multiple courses are set up for students, such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis, softball, swimming, table tennis, golf, bowling, dancing, weight controlling and fitness course.
In 2011, physical education improvement program was applied, setting PE course as graduation threshold. From 2012 Fall semester, students enrolled in day school of THU are required to pass the examination of elementary knowledge of sport and physical fitness. 
For those who are not able to pass the exam must proceed self-learning. In order to make students have the general knowledge of exercises and sports, courses for freshmen and sophomores not only focus on skill training but also arrange students gaining knowledge of health and exercise, sports injuries protection and safety of water area.